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Organized by Ole Lindboe & Hans Meertens
Texts by Ole Lindboe/Jennifer Larson/Emma McMillan/Spencer Drate/Robert D. Hogge
Roberta Gregory/Imke Ruigrok/Dennis Elbers/Piet Augustijn/Hans Meertens
Hardcover: 158 pages / 2009
ISBN: 9789090245584
Graphic design: Studio Kluif
Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery 150 East 52nd Street 5th floor/New York/USA
Rize Art Gallery Amsterdamsestraatweg 37/Naarden/The Netherlands
Erasmus Boekhandel BV Nieuwe Herengracht 123-A/Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Hanazuki Boutique Vijzelstraat 87/Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Breda's Museum Parade 12-14/Chassépark Breda/The Netherlands (soon)
KOPSHOP Speelhuislaan 171/Breda/The Netherlands
Galerie Molenaars Ginnekenweg 79/Breda/The Netherlands
Galeria del Arte Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat 20 A/Breda/The Netherlands
Latte's and Literature Nieuwstraat 18/Breda/The Netherlands
Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus Stationsweg 55/Den Haag/The Netherlands (soon)
Motta Art Books Grote Berg 70/Eindhoven/The Netherlands
Gorcums Museum Grote Markt 17/Gorinchem/The Netherlands
Barbara Joy Smit – Art & Gifts Nieuwstraat 2/Maassluis/The Netherlands
Studio Kluif Veemarktkade 8/'s-Hertogenbosch/The Netherlands
Gallery Clifford Gl. Vejlevej 55/Daugård/Denmark
McMillan Gallery Newcastle upon Tyne/UK
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